Cat Food For Urinary Health: Prevention vs Treatment for Feline UTI

Published: 25th September 2009
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Feline urinary tract infections are on the rise. They can be treated, but better yet, they can be prevented. One of the most common reasons for Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is the food your cat eats. A diet that's low in protein, and too carb-heavy and high in magnesium, can end up in creating a UTI. Good quality cat food for urinary health certainly exists, but does the food you buy your kitty now provide that?

Unfortunately, the typical commercially produced cat food that you purchase at the supermarket is chock-full of fillers, processed grains, food dyes and additives. Processed cat food can be deleterious to your kitty's health. So what's wrong with the store-bought cat food that you often feed your cat? Check the label and you'll see some ingredients that are not healthy for your little feline. For example, processed grains may have an adverse effect on the pH of the cat's urine, and essentially encourage the expansion of bacteria. Dyes, additives and other chemicals aren't good for your cat's delicate digestive tract.

The challenge is to find a cat food for urinary health that's also going to be appetizing to your cat, contains the right quantity of protein and magnesium, and has few or no derivatives. If you are looking for an alternative cat food, urinary tract infections being a problem, then consider the following when choosing cat food.

The best cat food for urinary health is one that is high in moisture content and predominantly meat based. Have you noticed how infrequently your cat visits the water bowl? This is natural for a cat, as they have evolved to get the bulk of their water from their food. So as much as possible, avoid dry food, which causes chronic, low-level dehydration in cats. In the past, the ash content was the primary focus of formulas specifically formulated for urinary health, but more recently, animal practitioners have concluded that hydration levels are of primary importance in preventing FLUTD.

When you're ready to switch your cat from dry food, try adding a little water to the food itself, as the extra moisture will help maintain the correct pH levels in her urine, without having to alter the mineral content of the food. If necessary, mix in wet food with her kibble, slowly increasing the amount of wet food until she is completely weaned off of dry. You could also try giving her raw meat along with her kibble, slowly decreasing the amount of dry food that you're serving. Try different meats and different canned food flavors.

As your cat will get tons of nutritional elements from the good meals you're now feeding her, she will generally need to eat less than she routinely does. If you do you have the desire to make your kitty quality food, then find a packed food that's organic and doesn't contain additions, chemicals, food dyes or fillers. Be ready to pay additional money for such top quality food. But remember, it's better to spend your money on your pet, not your vet!


Giving your kitty some daily supplements will serve to raise protection and support and maintain the health of her bladder. These additions aren't expensive, and they'll save you the cost of a vet visit.

Vitamin C is critical because it's a natural antioxidant which fights cancer and reduces inflammation. Cranberry juice - or a cranberry supplement, as that's more palatable to your cat - stops expansion of bacteria in the bladder lining.

Another important step is to give your cat a homeopathic cure, designed in particular for bladder health. Since all homeopathic cures aren't made to the same standards, take a little time, do a little research and look for a supplement which has proven ingredients like uva ursi, berberis and cantharis.


It hardly needs to be said that you be sure your cat always has healthy, clean water, but many cat guardians don't know the chemicals in tap water aren't good for felines. Always give your pet filtered water.

cat food for urinary tract health

The best cat food for urinary tract health and maintenance is exactly the sort of food we'd like to eat for ourselves - natural, organic, and unadulterated with chemicals and unnecessary additives. Want your kitty to keep you company for many long, happy, healthy years? Cat Bladder Blog has what you need to make that happen. Come see why cats give our site two paws up!

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